Viano Recovery Organic Lawn Fertiliser - 10 kg | Covers up to 200 sq.m | Lawn Feed, Weed and Moss Control
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Viano Recovery Organic Lawn Fertiliser - 10 kg

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Viano Recovery Organic Lawn Fertiliser - 10 kg

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Viano Recovery is an organic fertiliser which contains the effective ingredients of nitrogen, phosphate, potash and magnesium, all of which are mixed with Humifirst, a unique ingredient which creates biological activity and acts as a plant growth stimulant.

Humifirst works by attaching itself to particles in the soil and improves the soil structure. This enables the soil to hold more nutrients and water.

The roots of the grass latch on to the soil particles which in turn stimulate healthy growth which almost immediately becomes evident. Your lawn will continue to improve, look healthy, and be fed in a very effective way for twelve weeks after application.

Viano Recovery is ideal for use after conditions like grass stress due to drought, flooding or hard wear impact on the grass. This product will also give your lawn a strong colour throughout the cold winter months.

Product Advantages

  • Can be applied between March - September
  • Unlike Mo Bacter, this product will not destroy moss or consume thatch
  • Lasts up to 12 weeks once applied
  • Covers up to 200 sq.m
  • Produces new shoots to thicken your lawn
  • Safe to use around children & pets
  • Stimulates stronger roots in your lawn

  • Pack Size: 10 kg
    Type: Granular
    Slow Release: Yes
    Pack Coverage: 200 sq.m
    Application Period: March - September
    Application Rate: 50 - 100 g/sq.m
    Longevity: 12 Weeks

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    Recommended Application Rate :100.00000 g sq.m

    g sq.m

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