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We have a wide range of football accessories to cater to all your needs, this includes Perimeter Netting, Nets, Flexible Poles / Flags, Net Supports, Risk Assessors, Barrier Systems, Sundries and Ball Stop Systems. All manufactured and supplied by Harrod UK.

We provide Perimeter pole and pitch divider systems, these are ideal for shared pitches and training ground areas that have need for a ball stop system.

We have a range of football sundries including ground pegs, net hooks, security bolts and Velcro net ties for use with Harrod UK Football goal posts. Ideal if you’re looking for replacement parts.

We provide spectator, touch line, and pitch protection barrier systems. These will ensure that the spectators and players are kept safe and provide a guide line of where spectators are and are not allowed. They are all suitable for clubs, schools and universities.

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