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Viano Bio-Lime Organic Lawn Fertiliser - 20 kg

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Viano Bio-Lime Organic Lawn Fertiliser - 20 kg

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Viano Bio-Lime is great for lawns with a low pH value.

As your lawn grows it takes up essential nutrients from the soil. The natural process is that in time this reduces the pH. Rain also adds to the problem as rain can sometimes be very acidic to your lawn. This unhealthy environment is ideal for moss to thrive and invade your lawn.

Viano Bio-Lime is ideal for use in the Autumn and Winter for combating low pH issues in your lawn. It sweetens the soil making it less acidic and helps encourage healthy strong grass growth.

Viano Bio-Lime also contains healthy bacteria which eats thatch and dead moss in your lawn which will eliminate the need to rake or scarify. It also contains magnesium which creates a green healthy sward and helps maintain the health of your lawn throughout the autumn and winter months.

Viano Bio-Lime is a granular formulation and should be applied at 100g/sqm.

One 20kg bag will cover 400sqm of turf.

Product Advantages

  • Increases soil pH in your lawn
  • Contains magnesium to enhance the colour of the grass in your lawn
  • This product is organic based and its best use is part of a regular grass maintenance programme
  • Helps promote good health in turf
  • Reduces moss by turning the moss into a feeding agent for the turf

  • Pack Size: 20 kg
    Type: Granular
    Slow Release: Yes
    Pack Coverage: 400 sq.m
    Application Period: September - January
    Application Rate: 100 g/sq.m
    Longevity: 24 Weeks

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