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Viano Organic Plant Food - 4 kg

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Viano Organic Plant Food - 4 kg

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Viano All Round Plant Food is made entirely of 100% plant based raw materials. This organic fertiliser is for general use in ornamental, herb, fruit and vegetable gardens. It is for use in organic farming, vegetable patches in gardens and allotments. It is a slow release fertiliser, lasting up to 4 months.

Viano Organic Plant Food offers plants a wide range of essential nutrients, helps activate soil life and improves the overall soil structure. It can be applied from Spring until Autumn, to fruit and vegetable plants. This all round plant food is suitable for use before planting, or to use as a maintanance fertiliser during the growing season.

Viano All Round Plant Food does not leach out into the groundwater and does not burn plants.

Product Advantages

  • Can be applied to all fruit crops including apples and pears
  • Enhances soil life, grass structure and nutrient concentration
  • Nutrients provided in the feed last between 3-4 months
  • Easy to apply
  • Safe to use around pets
  • Suitable for home gardening

  • Pack Size: 4 kg
    Type: Granular
    Slow Release: Yes
    Pack Coverage: Various
    Application Period: March - October
    Application Rate: 50-200 g/sq.m
    Longevity: 12-16 Weeks

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