Fertiliser Spreader Range

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An Ev-n-Spred in use

Collier Turf Care stock two leading brands of salt and fertiliser spreader, EarthWay Ev-n-Spred and ICL. Both offer excellent quality and delivery of Salt, Grass Seed and Fertiliser.

About the Ev-n-Spred Spreader

Earthway Ev-n-Spred Fertiliser Spreader Logo in red

The EarthWay EV-N-SPRED brand is widely recognised as a leader in broadcast spreading, and their products have been sold in the UK for more than 20 years. With a ground breaking 5 year warranty, every part is replaceable. EarthWay spreaders - advancing the practise of spreading fertilisers, chemicals and seeds accurately.

With continual research and development, innovation and design EarthWay have become leaders in the pedestrian broadcast fertiliser spreader market. The new revolutionary EarthWay Ev-n-Spred FLEX-SELECT range is engineered to provide a unique fertiliser spreader experience enabling users to benefit from one spreader capable of spreading a wide range of materials accurately, economically and effectively.

About the ICL Spreader

We stock a selection of high quality ICL spreaders suitable for most needs. Click the link below to view the range

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