Mo Bacter Instant - Organic Moss Killer and Fertiliser 2 Litre | Covers Up To 250 Sq.m | Moss Remover For Lawns | Liquid Fertiliser For Lawns
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Mo Bacter Instant - Organic Moss Killer and Fertiliser 2 Litre

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Mo Bacter Instant - Organic Moss Killer and Fertiliser 2 Litre

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Mo Bacter Instant is an organic moss killer from industry leaders Viano that destroys moss in just 24 hours. The product is 100% natural, so MO Bacter Instant is also harmless to pets and wildlife. This 2 Litre bottle will cover up to 250 sq m of your lawn.

Product Advantages

  • 100% organic
  • Will eliminate moss in 24 hours
  • A great grass feed and will help improve the condition of your soil
  • This product can also be used on stonework
  • As this product is organic it is harmless to plants and animals
  • One 2 litre bottle will cover up to 250 sq.m of your lawn

    How To Use

    Apply Mo Bacter Instant with a watering can. This product can be used between February and September. Shake bottle thoroughly before mixing 1 part concentrate with 9 parts water. Do not mix with other products. Use when the soil is moist, rain is not expected and there is no chance of ground frost. Mo Bacter Instant can be applied at any time, even after mowing. Once the moss has turned brown (this usually takes 24 hours at 12 degrees Celsius) it can be raked out. Reseeding of the lawn can be done immediately. Ideal for treating lawns prior to scarification as the deed moss will need removing once brown.

  • Pack Size: 2 Litre
    Type: Liquid
    Slow Release: No
    Application Rate: 100ml of liquid to 900ml of water
    Pack Coverage: 250 sq.m
    Application Period: February - September

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