Environmental Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

Our commitment

Collier Turf Care is a privately owned 50+ year old company that is a supplier to the sports and amenity market. We are known for high quality products, expert advice and professional services. As an environmentally aware and responsible company, we take a progressive approach, adopting solutions to ensure that we improve our sustainability in every way we can. Our Environmental Sustainability Policy supports the delivery of our 20/25 Vision and applies to all activities and services carried out by Collier Turf Care Ltd at Beeston and in supporting our home based staff. We will integrate environmentally sustainable principles into our operations, wherever possible. Where Collier Turf Care Ltd works in partnership with other organisations, manufacturers and governing bodies, we will work with them to adopt a policy in accordance with the commitments laid out within this Policy.

Sustainability research, impact and influence

Through our ongoing product research, development, testing and evaluation, we will focus on direct product related environmental issues and explore promoting the most environmentally sustainable products and practices to our customers through education and promotions. We continue our strong collaborative relationships with all manufacturers Technical Managers and other interested parties at a local, regional, national and international level, in order to facilitate knowledge exchange and influence sustainability policy and practices throughout the turf care and sports industry. We will also actively promote expertise and research in environmental sustainability through our membership of BASIS and the Amenity Forum and play a supporting and educational role to industry influencers regarding environmental sustainability.

Communication and engagement

At regular staff meetings, the Managing Director’s monthly newsletter and regular staff one to ones, we will ensure that the Environmental Sustainability Policy is communicated to all staff and any other individuals working for or on behalf of Collier Turf Care Ltd. We will provide environmental sustainability training and awareness for staff, suppliers and customers where appropriate. We are committed to provide regular information updates regarding Collier Turf Care’s environmental performance to staff, and all other interested parties. Collier Turf Care are committed to support our managers and employees to make local changes through a devolved culture for environmental management. We will engage with our manufacturers to understand their needs and expectations and actively support and encourage all employees in becoming agents for sustainable environmental change in line with this policy.


We commit to take positive action to conserve and enhance biodiversity at the Head Office and encourage staff to share this commitment when working from home. The Operations Manager will take the lead role at the Head Office in monitoring and promoting biodiversity across the site. They will, in association with the Technical Manager, undertake an annual audit of the Head Office site and any satellite sites as may be appropriate. The annual audit will be presented to the Board of Directors at the December meeting.

Energy and carbon management

Collier Turf Care embrace an ethos of a Low Carbon Footprint as far as possible within the realms of the nature of the business. We commit to reduce energy use in buildings, reduce carbon dioxide emissions arising from our vehicle fleet by choosing low emission vehicles and regularly reviewing transport options. We will regularly review staff commuting by the use of vehicle trackers and address inappropriate or irresponsible vehicle use. The Finance/Operations Director will, through the procurement process, reduce the environmental impact of our electricity supply by selecting low carbon or renewable tariffs wherever possible.


Collier Turf Care will continue to influence the environmental performance of our suppliers of goods and services by monitoring their environment sustainability by an annual audit. We will continue to explore manufacturers and suppliers of products and services that can offer a more Environmentally Sustainably alternative. We will offer as many environmentally sustainable products as we can such as organic fertilisers, chemicals with a lower volume of active ingredient and products with a lower carbon footprint. Wherever possible buying British.

Growing media

Collier Turf Care Ltd recognise that peat bogs provide a unique habitat for flora and fauna. The conservation of biodiversity and natural heritage is an integral part of good environmental management and is a core principle within the Collier Turf Care Ltd Environmental Sustainability Policy. As an environmentally aware company we do not, purchase, promote, sell or use any products that contain peat, only environmentally sustainable alternatives.

Waste management

We are committed to promote sustainable waste management practices in accordance with the waste hierarchy: Prevent, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover and Responsibly Dispose. This is monitored by the Operations Manager and supported by all of the Senior Management Team within their individual areas of responsibility. We aim to continue to improve our waste management year on year.

Legislative compliance

Through our membership of the Amenity Forum (including the Technical Manager being a voluntary Director), we share the wider industry commitment to Environmental Sustainability via education and legislative control to ensure only approved products reach the end users and that our customers are fully informed of legislation and the products we supply that they use them wisely and with minimal or no environmental impact.

Training and support

Collier Turf Care Ltd have a range of support and advice in place to enable managers and individuals to comply with environmental legislation and reduce the environmental impact of their work. The 3 Senior Mangers (as directed by and monitored by the 3 Directors) train and support staff in their work area. ~ Operations Manager- Office & Warehouse staff. Sales Manager – Field Based Sales Team. Technical Manager –BASIS & FACTS education and Product advice and support.

Monitoring and auditing

The implementation of the Environmental Sustainability Policy will be monitored at each Senior Management Team Meeting as an agenda item for discussion. This policy will be reviewed on a regular basis and revised as required by the Technical Manager. The Technical Manager and the Operations Manager will carry out an annual audit of the general overall performance of the Environmental Sustainability Policy and bring any shortfalls to the attention of the Board of Directors.

Staff Sustainability involvement

Collier Turf Care encourage and actively support staff to submit ideas that can enhance or improve the companies’ environmental sustainability. Staff should put all suggestions through their line manager in writing and copy in the Managing Director. Suggestions will be discussed at the next Senior Management Meeting and a written response from the Managing Director will be returned to the staff member that raised the idea.

Andrew Harding Managing Director
Nick Holmes Financial/Operations Director

Original policy adopted by Board of Directors April 2014
Revision number 5 by Chris Humphrey 2nd February 2022
Adopted by Board of Directors 10th May 2022

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