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Marathon ALGAE Sport 16:4:8 - Granular Fertiliser 20 kg

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Marathon ALGAE Sport 16-4-8 - Spring/Summer Fertiliser 20kg

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Contains: 2% MgO + 0.3% Fe

Marathon ALGAE SPORT gradually releases the nutrients needed for the grass to grow, whilst stimulating the soil's bacterial activity. This avoids the accumulation of undecomposed organic matters.

Marathon ALGAE SPORT contains SEADRY® algae extracts rich in marine sulphated polysaccharides. These are beneficial for the satisfactory functioning of the soil microflora.

One of the main benefits of using this granular fertiliser is that it stimulates the microbial life of the soil, increasing the availbility of nutrient elements for the plant. This encourages development in the root system, resulting in the turf becoming more resistant to environmental stresses.

Product Advantages:

  • Sequential release of all fertilising elements
  • Reduction of fertiliser losses through leaching
  • Better biological balance in the soil to stimulate root development
  • Reduction of organic matter accumulation
  • Better resistance to turf stress
  • Strengthening of turf resilience and density

  • Pack Size: 20 kg
    Type: Granular.
    Slow Release: Yes
    Application Rate: 20 - 35 g/sq. m.
    Pack Coverage: 571 - 1000 sq.m
    Longevity: 8 - 12 Weeks

    Application Rate: Cone Setting: Single Pass Double Pass
    20 g/sq.m 3 N L
    25 g/sq.m 3 O M
    30 g/sq.m 3 P N
    35 g/sq.m 3 Q N 1/2

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    Recommended Application Rate :35.00000 g sq.m

    g sq.m

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