Plan For A Successful Overseed Of Fine Turf

Plan For A Successful Overseed Of Fine Turf


With the autumn fast approaching it is time to ensure that everything is in place for a successful overseeding.

  Our Guide To Summer Diseases

Our Guide To Summer Diseases


Here is some great advice from our Technical Manager Chris Humphrey about what diseases to look out for this summer and how to deal with them.


Disease Management - What Now! IPM?


Chris talks about correct disease management

  pic of chafer grubs

Acelepryn Application Window


If you are targeting Chafer Grubs then Friday the 7th June is a good time to apply Acelepryn in the South where sightings of Chafer have been recorded.

  grass blades

Dry April?


Has your turf suffered from evapotranspiration this April? Glenn Kirby investigates the impact of a dry spring

  picture of drought

Post Drought Spring Recovery


Although it may now be damp and cool we can all recall the exceptionally high temperatures and drought of last summer.

  dollar-spot-fungicide-resistance (Smaller)

Dollar Spot Resistance To SDHI Fungicides


Recent reports of resistance to next-generation SDHI fungicides have prompted a closer look at dollar spot mutations and management strategies.

  chafer grubs and leatherjackets

Pest Population Management


Accurate identification of pests, such as the Chafer species, is essential to understand their life cycle and accurately time any management actions

  Anthracnose small

Be careful not to trade Anthracnose for Fusarium


A great blog from Syngenta and a good reminder that we all automatically think of Microdochium whenever we think of disease


Beware Of The Mix Up


I don’t know how many times I have heard someone say “I was told I could mix these things in the spray tank”


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