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Aquatrols Revolution

Aquatrols Revolution - Liquid Wetting Agent

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Aquatrols Revolution provides unique technology that extends turf's natural antioxidant activity and significantly increases stress tolerance by balancing air to water ratios in the soil. Aquatrols Revolution must be applied on a monthly basis to achieve maximum efficacy.

Where to use Aquatrols Revolution:

  • Established greens,
  • Established tees,
  • Any high-maintenance turf areas as required

Benefits of Aquatrols Revolution:

  • Safe on all soils, and established turf types
  • Used Worldwide
  • A new class of surfactant
  • Allows excess water to naturally drain deeper
  • Helps deliver soil-moisture and soil targeted products to the site of required activity
  • Improved shoot density
  • Healthier plants, increased photosynthesis
  • Increased stress tolerance when most required
  • Improved growing conditions in the soil environment
  • Reduced black algae incidence
  • Faster, firmer playing surfaces
  • Better playing conditions on the surface
  • Application Flexibility
Pack Size: 10 / 208 / 1022 ltr
Type: Liquid
Application Rate: 19 ltr/ha.
Pack Coverage: 5,263 sq.m
Longevity: 4 weeks

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Recommended Application Rate :19.00000 ltr/ha


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