Prestige Super Dew Clear | Dew Dispersant
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Prestige Super Dew Clear

Prestige Super Dew Clear 5-ltr

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Prestige Super Dew Clear is a specially formulated dew suppressant which lasts up to three weeks. Applied in the autumn and winter it is very effective in preventing dew forming on the surface, keeping the turf dry and reducing the risk of disease and the need to manually switch the turf surface.

  • Ideal for use on golf greens, tees and bowling greens
  • Can be applied all year round depending on degree of dew formation
  • Needs no watering in after application (however, it is advisable to irrigate treated areas before mowing)
  • Provides 1 – 3 weeks dew control depending on rate of application

    Application Rates:

  • 100m2: 12 - 20 ml of Super Dew Clear mixed with 4 - 6.6 litres of water
  • 500m2: 60 - 100ml of Super Dew Clear mixed with 20 - 33 litres of water
  • Hectare: 1.2 - 2 litres of Super Dew Clear mixed with 400 - 660 litres of water

  • Pack Size: 5 ltr
    Type: Liquid
    Application Rate: 1.2 - 2 Ltr/Ha
    Water Volume: 400 - 600 Ltr/Ha
    Pack Coverage: 25,000 - 41,600 sq.m

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