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Handy Pro

Handy Pro - Hand-Held Fertiliser Spreader

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Ergonomic design makes it easy to use. Relieves stress on wrist and hand. Use for applying lawn seed, and fertiliser over small areas. Rustproof poly hopper and agitator. Easy On/Off trigger.

Handy Pro Hand-Held Fertiliser Spreader

  • Application of Prestige Fine Turf fertiliser at 35g.sq.m (The rate is variable and will work between 30-50g.sq.m)

  • Measure the area of the lawn in square meter and multiply by 35g (example 100 sq.m x 35g = 3,500g or 3.5 Kg)

  • CHECK what is surrounding the lawn, if it is non-porous paths (slabs / brick weave) be aware the fertiliser may stain if it lands on it, particularly if the fertiliser contains iron. If the surfaces are wet, it is best to delay application until they have dried so they can be swept or blown after application.

  • Set the spreader setting to 5. At average walking pace this will apply 35g.sq.m when covered in two direction. (17.5g in each direction). By applying in two directions you will achieve an even coverage and reduce the chance of missing any areas.

  • CHECK the on / off trigger is working efficiently.

  • Measure 1 Kg of fertiliser and pour into spreader. DO NOT fill the spreader to the top as makes turning the handle very difficult. 1 Kg @ 35g will cover 29sq.m approx.. (example to cover 100sq.m you will need 3.5 fill ups of 1 Kg going over in 2 directions). As a guide if you have a measuring jug 1 Kg of fertiliser(1,000g) is approx. 1 litre (1,000ml)

    Once finished:

  • If granules of the fertiliser have gone on any non-porous paths (slabs / brick weave) brush or blow them off as they will may stain, particularly if the fertiliser has iron in it.

  • Clean and dry the spreader

  • If needed irrigate the lawn

  • Seal the bag of Prestige fertiliser if there is any left so moisture cannot get in.

    To see how best to set up your spreader, click below:

    ICL Spreader Settings

  • Hopper Capacity: 2 kg

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