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All of the nozzles in the XC range incorporate the drift reducing air induction technology that has proven extremely popular in the existing Syngenta Turf Foliar Nozzle. The sprayer nozzle produce more droplets per ml than other drift reducing air induction nozzles, with more consistent droplet size that creates fewer drift susceptible fine droplets when compared with traditional sprayer nozzles. The aim is to reduce drift, and achieve better coverage of leaf surfaces.

Current Issues The XC Solution
Slopes and undulation cause uneven spray distribution An entirely new engineered solution, with unique orifice, droplet distribution pattern and wide spray angle - giving even coverage at low nozzle heights of 30 cm
Wind causing spray drift Utilising new air induction technology, the XC Nozzle spray pattern can significantly reduce risk of spray drift and create more available spray days
Large droplets give uneven leaf coverage The XC Nozzle creates significantly more droplets per ml than most other air induction or low drift nozzle designs, to enhance leaf coverage
Uneven spray distribution on the leaf The XC Nozzle design has a carefully calculated rearwards facing spray pattern, to deliver all-round coverage on the turf leaf
Low sprayer work rates The XC Nozzle range is specifically designed to enable application at lower water volumes - increasing sprayer work rates and the potential to enhance product efficacy

Nozzle Products Target
Foliar XC 025 or 04 Primo Maxx II, Instrata Elite, Heritage Maxx, Heritage, Medallion TL Leaf
Soil XC 08 Qualibra, Heritage Maxx, Heritage Rootzone

Pack Size: pk / 13

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