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Ice Ban (Liquid De-Icing Salt) - 10 ltr

Ice Ban (Liquid De-Icing Salt) - 10 ltr

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Iceban is a fast-acting de-icer for use on walkways and car parks as an environmentally friendly and non-corrosive alternative to salt. Ice Ban is safe to handle and easy to apply, it is widely used by leading retail parks and local authorities.

There is no need to dilute for application, which is rapid and effective, and the most cost effective control of ice is achieved with anti-icing applications. If ice has already formed Ice Ban really shows its value over solid de-icers. Because it is a liquid, it starts to work immediately, and light frost is cleared in seconds. More severe frosts take up to a maximum of 5 minutes. Salt can take up to 2 hours to start to work - too long in an emergency.

Ice Ban is Urea based so is safe to be used on Artificial tees 3G and 4G Pitches and areas close to turf.

Pack Size: 10 ltr

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