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Barenbrug Essential E13 Coastal Areas - Grass Seed 20 kg

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Coastal lawns and landscapes. Salt & drought tolerance.

The Barenbrug Essential E13 Coastal Areas Grass Seed mixture delivers salt and drought tolerance for lawns and green spaces in coastal areas. Coastal areas are often subjected to saline conditions and drought; the species in the E13 mixture have been selected to tolerate these conditions. As well as excellent salt and drought tolerance, the E13 mixture is also durable thanks to the inclusion of perennial ryegrass.


  • Coastal areas
  • Public open spaces
  • Urban areas
  • Parks
  • Lawns


  • Tolerant of drought conditions
  • Includes species that are tolerant of saline conditions
  • Contains deep rooted and drought tolerant species
  • Good levels of wear tolerance

When seeding your lawn with Barenbrug Essential E13 Grass Seed, adding a pre-seeder before and after can significantly encourage the growth in your turf. click here to add this to your order.

In the Bag

Percentage Type
40% Slender Creeping Red Fescue
30% Perennial Ryegrass
20% Tall Fescue
10% Hard Fescue

*Cultivars and percentages subject to change from the manufacturer

Sowing Rate Mowing Height
30 - 40 g sq.m down to 25 mm

Pack Size: 20 kg

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