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Hunters Equestrian Grass Seed | Paddock Grass Seed

Barenbrug Hunters General Equestrian Grass Seed 10 kg

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Hardwearing general-purpose mixture designed to withstand the pressures of equestrian use and provide good quality grazing for horses.

  • Grass varieties used have been specifically selected for roughage and low fructan content
  • Produces a good, spring, dense turf
  • The low fructan concentration reduces the risk of laminitis
  • Strong grass plant rooting system, making the sward dense, hard-wearing and persistent
  • Paddock will deliver grazing and forage production
  • Yields good levels of effective roughage, ideal for a fit and healthy equine gut

Sowing Advice

  • Checking fertility status - especially the pH (soil pH needs to be 6-6.5 for grass)
  • Check for, and correct any soil compaction
  • Sow into a fine, firm seedbed with adequate moisture levels
  • Seed bed fertiliser can be beneficial - low Nitrogen, apply good rates of potash and phosphate (depending on soil fertility) to aid establishment

When to sow

Grass seed can be sown at anytime from April to September, ideally when the soil is moist or when rain is forecast and the weather is frost free. If possible keep the horses off as long as possible to enable establishment.


Sow at a rate of at least 10kg per acre into a fine tilth seed bed covered by lightly harrowing and then roll to produce a firm seed bed.


Loosen soil on bare patches by raking or grass harrows Scatter grass seed at the rate of 10kg per acre if using a spreader or at a rate of 10 grams (2 tablespoons) per square metre by hand Cover seed by lightly raking or harrowing and then firm by rolling or walking over

In the Bag

Percentage Type
70% Perennial ryegrass
16% Strong creeping red fescue
8% Meadow fescue
6% Timothy

Seeds up to 0.7 acres Repairs up to 1 acre

Pack Size: 10kg

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