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Barenbrug Sport Shoreline Grass Seed - 20kg

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100% slender creeping red fescue


Overseeding and construction of free-draining medium- fine turf areas exposed to saline conditions.


The name SHORELINE is derived from the Latin litoralis, the species name for slender creepers. The mix contains three top-11 ranked varieties*: Barcrown, Viktorka and Barpearl.

Providing a superior salt tolerance for fescue dominant golf greens on links and seaside golf courses exposed to salt spray and salt-laden winds, it is suitable for the construction and overseeding of all areas of free-draining turf exposed to salt.

Salt tolerance is a complex issue. Most salt stress issues experienced on golf courses throughout the UK and Ireland are caused by salt spray or salt laden winds. Problems associated with high salinity soils are much more complex, and more difficult to manage due to the ability of varying soil particles to attract salt under differing environmental conditions.

The grass plant’s response to salt stress can vary significantly during its life cycle. The plant’s capabilities at different stages, from germination to established sward must therefore be tested to realise any practical solutions for a dedicated grass seed mix.

*BSPB/STRI TurfgrassSeed 2023 booklet

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In the Bag

Percentage Cultivars Type
50% Barpearl Slender creeping red fescue
25% Barcrown Slender creeping red fescue
25% Viktorka Slender creeping red fescue

*Cultivars and percentages subject to change from the manufacturer

Sowing Rate Sowing Depth Oversowing Rate Mowing Height
35 - 45 g sq.m 8 - 12 mm 20 - 30 g sq.m down to 4 mm

Pack Size: 20 kg

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