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Barenbrug Sport Ultrafine 60 Grass Seed (Medal) - 20kg

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Barenbrug Sport Ultrafine 60 Grass Seed (Medal) is designed for the construction or overseeding of medium-fine and fine turf under high wear pressure.


Barpersie is a new cultivar to Ultrafine products for 2024, with an enticing combination of wear tolerance, shoot density, visual merit and leaf fineness. As a new cultivar in Table L1 of Turfgrass Seed (still undertaking its second trial), its scores of 9.0 for visual merit and shoot density are provisionally table-topping.

Barolympic is the market-leading cultivar of ryegrass for summer sports use. It is ranked with a score of 8.6 in Table G4 of Turfgrass Seed 2024, the highest mean score in the entire publication, and comfortably above the next best variety in this close-mown test.

Barprium is a recent cultivar from Barenbrug's breeding station in France. It forms a large part of the Sustainable Grass Technology (SGT) concept due to its independently proven drought tolerance, Nitrogen-use efficiency and disease resistance.

The remainder of the product is made up of highly ranked varieties of slender creeping red fescue, Viktorka and Barpearl. The fescue content in this mixture combines with the ryegrass to create a turf with exceptional density and high disease tolerance.

In the Bag

Percentage Cultivars Type
20% Barolympic Perennial ryegrass
20% Barprium Perennial ryegrass
20% Barpersie Perennial ryegrass
20% Barpearl Slender creeping red fescue
20% Viktorka Slender creeping red fescue

*Cultivars and percentages subject to change from the manufacturer

Sowing Rate Sowing Depth Oversowing Rate Mowing Height
20 - 35 g sq.m 8 - 12 mm 10 - 25 g sq.m down to 5 mm

Pack Size: 20 kg

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