Sierrablen Outfield Spring/Summer Fertiliser (4-5 mths) 24:5:10 + 2%Fe - 25 kg | Granular Fertiliser | Spring and Summer Fertiliser | Sports Turf Fertilisers
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Sierrablen Outfield Spring Summer (4-5 months) 24:5:10

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Sierrablen Outfield Spring & Summer 24:5:10 + 2%Fe

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Sierrablen 24:5:10 +2% Fertiliser has controlled release (4-5 months) coating technologies on standard sized granules (1.8-4mm) for use on a wide variety of turf surfaces from tees to sports fields. Sierrablen has been designed for specific growth stages so that nutrients are released at the optimum rate according to plant requirements. The application of a new coating technology guarantees a longer-lasting effect and a fast start. The controlled release technologies in Sierrablen have different release patterns based on Poly-S and Resin coating.

Product Advantages:

  • A controlled Nitrogen release giving 4 - 5 months of constant growth
  • Nitrogen will only be released when growing conditions are good
  • Helps with the pre-stress condition of the plant
  • The Nitrogen content in the fertiliser gives an immediate response
  • Iron content in the product enhances the colour of the plant

Pack Size: 25 kg
Type: Granular
Slow Release: Yes
Application Rate: 30 - 45 g/sq. m
Pack Coverage: 556 - 833 sq.m
Longevity: 4 - 5 Months

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