Prestige Super Blue Lake Colourant | Lake and Pond Colourant | Algae Pond Control
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Prestige Super Blue Lake Colourant

Prestige Super Blue Lake Colourant 1 ltr

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Prestige Super Blue Lake and Pond Colourant is a blue liquid solution that reduces the penetration of sunlight, preventing the formation of algae and aquatic weeds. A very economical way to keep your water clear and aesthetically appealing

Pack Size: 1 Litre
Type: Liquid
Pack Coverage: Variable

Application rate is variable to achieve the desired shade, but as a guide - 1 ltr covers 1,000 m² (approx.) at a depth of up to 1.5m.

Use 8 to 12 ltrs of Prestige Super Blue Lake Colourant on 10,000 m² (1 ha) of water surface to obtain a colouring of 1 - 2 m depth across the lake or pond.

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