DAMAGED Vitax Gravel 20 kg bags
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DAMAGED Vitax Gravel   20 kg bags   (approx 315 kg)

DAMAGED Vitax Gravel 20 kg bags (approx 315 kg)

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DAMAGED Vitax Gravel 17 x 20 kg bags (approx 315 kg)

Vitax Lime-free washed gravel is a hard-wearing horticultural grade gravel.

It's versatile and great for using in and around the garden. It can be used for gravel for paths or drives, or a top dressing in pots.

Product Advantages:

  • Can be used in water features
  • Great to use on paths, driveways and rock gardens
  • Excellent for drainage and can be used as a top dressing in potted plants

    This gravel is a great option for low-maintenance gardens or as part of a feature in a larger garden. It is very easy to apply and can be used to fill gaps around the garden or as part of a newly designed garden feature.

  • Pack Size: Approx 315 kg

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