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Vitax Stay Wet - Water Absorbent Crystals

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Vitax Stay Wet - Absorbent Crystals for Hanging Baskets & Planters - 200g

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Vitax Stay Wet are fast acting water absorbent crystals that rapidly absorb hundreds of times their own volume of water, acting as a reservoir for the plant's roots.

The rapid action ensures that there is minimum water loss during watering and re-watering of the plants.

Vitax Stay Wet Product Advantages:

  • Ideal to use in hanging baskets and planters
  • Can be mixed with compost in the planting season
  • The crystals absorb and release moisture

    How To Use Vitax Stay Wet:

    Stay Wet can be added to dry compost or pre-wetted as a gel. If pre-hydrating, place the contents of the Stay Wet sachet in a bucket and add 1.5 litres of water and then stir in the product.

    As well as using Stay Wet in hanging baskets and planters, they can be used in grow bags or used in gardens for new tree or shrub plantings in containers.

  • Pack Size: 200g
    Type: Water Absorbent Crystals

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