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SBK Tree Stump Killer

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SBK Tree Stump Killer 250-ml

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Vitax SBK Tree Stump Killer is a glyphosate-free solution for treating tree stumps.

It kills tree stumps and their roots to prevent them from re-growing and can also be used on woody weeds and hardwood saplings.

SBK Tree Stump Killer is a soluble concentrate which should be used on tree stumps during the autumn and winter and not between April and June when sap is rising in the tree stumps.

Vitax SBK Tree Stump Killer Product Advantages:

  • One application of 250ml concentrate can treat up to eight tree stumps
  • Kills at the root of the tree stump to prevent it from re-growing
  • Also suitable to use on tough stubborn weeds

    SBK Tree Stump Killer is intended to be used on grassland and non-crop growing areas - planted areas should be avoided. If using for the treatment of woody weeds, apply between June and August when the soil is moist and weeds will be actively growing.

    Depending on the toughness of the weeds and the tree stump, a repeat application may need to be applied after six weeks with a maximum of two applications.

    How To Use SBK Tree Stump Killer:

    Use diluted from concentrate via painting, spraying or applied using a watering can. Pets and children can be allowed on the treated areas once the product has dried.

    Always use products safely and always read the product label before applying.

  • Pack Size: 250ml
    Type: Soluble
    Slow Release: No
    Application Rate: Various

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