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Vitax Organic Strawberry Fertiliser 1 Litre

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Vitax Organic Strawberry Fertiliser 1 ltr

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Vitax Organic Strawberry Fertiliser is a high concentrated potash feed used for bigger and better crops of beautiful strawberries.

This product contains naturally occurring nutrients and essential trace elements that support strawberry plants and other soft fruits.

Being a high potash feed, it provides a steady supply of natural nutrients that encourage strong healthy growth and increased yields of strawberries.

Vitax Organic Strawberry Fertiliser Product Advantages:

  • Organic Strawberry Fertiliser is a Bee Friendly product
  • Apply in the spring to benefit from larger strawberry crops

    Strawberries can be grown in grow bags or tubs, in a vegetable or fruit patch or grown undercover.

    How To Use Vitax Organic Strawberry Fertiliser:

    Growing Bags and Tubs:

    From planting, feed with Organic Strawberry Fertiliser at weekly intervals. Add 1 litre (2 pints) of diluted feed per bag. Gradually increase this to 4.5 litres (1 gallon) per week once the first fruits have set.

    Outdoor Strawberries:

    Apply 2 litres (½ gallon) of Organic Strawberry Fertiliser per plant every 14 days. This can increase to every 7 days once the fruits have set.

    Strawberries Grown Under Cover:

    Once the strawberries have set apply 2 litres (½ gallon) of diluted Organic Strawberry Fertiliser per plant every 7 days.

    Always read the product label and keep out of reach of pets and children.

  • Pack Size: 1 Litre
    Type: Liquid
    Slow Release: No
    Application Rate: Various
    Pack Coverage: Various

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