Vitax Organic Rose Feed | Plant Fertiliser For Strong Healthy Plants & Blooms
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Vitax Organic Rose Food 4.5 kg

Vitax Organic Rose Food 4.5 kg (tub)

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Vitax Rose Food produces brighter roses and abundant blooms.

This product is a top quality rose fertiliser that contains three major plant foods - nitrogen, phosphate and potash.

Rose Food also contains magnesium and iron, this ensures that roses develop healthy green leaves and abundant blooms.

This product can be used on new roses, established roses, more mature roses and in an established rose bed. When applied to established and mature roses, Rose Food can be used around the base of the plant in early spring and then a repeated application during the summer.

Established rose beds can benefit the most from having Rose Food applied to them by using it as a top dressing in the spring, then repeated in late May and lastly in early July. When it comes to planting new roses, Rose Food can be mixed with soil prior to the roses establishing.

Vitax Rose Food Product Advantages:

  • Rose Food increases flowering and improves growth

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