Vitax Olive Tree Feed
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Vitax Olive Tree Feed 900g (pouch)

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Vitax Olive Tree Feed has been developed to specifically meet the needs of Olive Trees to give healthier plants with dense foliage and strong growth.

Organic-based, it contains added magnesium and trace elements which ensure a slow release of organic nutrients for healthier plants.

Olive Tree Feed:

  • Can be used on trees both young to old, potted or planted out

  • Provides extended nitrogen release

  • Boosts fruiting.

Its unique formulation not only contains organic-based nutrients, but also provides extended nitrogen release to nourish the tree for longer and help produce dense foliage.

Easy to use, for established trees planted out in the garden, simply scatter the pelleted feed beneath the spread of the plant and lightly incorporate into the soil. If dry, water in.

For olive trees in pots, sprinkle a handful of pellets around the base of the plant early spring and water in if necessary. Apply a further application in June.

How To Use:

Apply evenly to soil, preferably when the soil is moist. Lightly hoe into the top surface of the soil, and in dry conditions, water in.

Note: 1 gloved handful contains approximately 35g.

For established trees planted in the garden Sprinkle pellets evenly beneath the spread of the plant at a rate of 105g/ m2 and lightly incorporate into the soil. If soil is dry water in.

For trees in pots

In early spring, sprinkle a handful of pellets evenly around the base of the plant and lightly incorporate into the soil and water in. Apply a further handful of fertiliser in June, lightly incorporate and water in.

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