Vitax Liquid Tomato Feed 1 ltr
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Vitax Liquid Tomato Feed   1 ltr

Vitax Liquid Tomato Feed 1 ltr

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Vitax Tomato Feed is a high potash fertiliser. It is been formulated to produce bumper crops of tomatoes.

This product is ideal to use on tomatoes grown indoors and outdoors in a variety of different ways.

Vitax Tomato Feed Product Advantages:

  • Can be applied from spring and right through the growing season
  • This product can be used to grow tomatoes in a variety of different ways
  • Vitax Tomato Feed produces bumper crops and the tastiest tomatoes

    How To Use Vitax Tomato Feed:

    Tomato Feed is very easy to use, simply dilute the liquid feed as per the pack label instructions. Tomato Feed can also be used to support tomato plants grown in grow bags, outdoors in a vegetable patch or grown under cover.

    If growing tomatoes in a grow bag, from planting feed twice a week and gradually increase the dosage as the plants start to grow.

    Tomato plants that are planted outdoors can be fed with liquid tomato feed every seven days, changing to every three days as the plants start to grow in size.

    When grown under cover, tomatoes can be fed every three days once the first truss has set.

    Always refer to the feeding instructions and adapt the amount of Tomato Feed required as directed.

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