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Vitax Growmore - General Purpose Fertiliser

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Vitax Growmore 5 kg (tub)

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Vitax Growmore is a popular general purpose fertiliser.

Growmore has been specially formulated to encourage strong healthy plant growth. This general purpose fertiliser can be used anywhere around the garden. Growmore contains three major nutrients which are essential for strong plants.

Vitax Growmore Product Advantages:

  • Can be applied throughout the growing season
  • Growmore can be used for growing fruits, vegetables and flowers
  • This product is an ideal fertiliser on garden lawns if laying new turf or sowing in grass seed

    Growmore should be applied evenly and forked or hoed into the top surface if the soil. This will help promote heavy crops of fruits and vegetables, produce vigorous plants and beautiful flowers.

    Being a very versatile product, Growmore can be used prior to planting and then applied as a top dressing. It can be re-applied in 8-10 week intervals.

    Vitax Growmore contains superphosphate and nitrogen. One handful of Vitax Growmore contains approximately 35g.

    How To Use Vitax Growmore

    Apply Growmore from February until the end of the growing season in October.

    Growmore should be applied evenly at the recommended rate and then hoed or forked into the top of the soil surface. If the soil is dry, water the product in well for optimum results.


    This rate is based on the product being applied prior to sowing or planting flowers. Apply 140g per sq.m as a top dressing. Apply 70g per sq.m to established plants. Applications should be made in 8-10 week intervals.


    Potatoes - apply 200g per sq.m prior to planting.

    Other Vegetables - apply 140g per sq.m prior to planting or sowing.

    As A Top Dressing - sprinkle evenly 70g per sq.m.

    Applications should be made in 8-10 week intervals.

    Shrubs, Fruit Trees and Bushes:

    Trees and Shrubs - Mix 70 - 140g with the infill. The rate depends on the size of the plant.

    As A Top Dressing in Spring - Apply 140g per sq.m evenly over the area that is covered by the branch spread.

    New Lawns - Apply 140g per sq.m and fork into the top 8cm of soil before laying new turf or sowing grass seed.

    Always apply Vitax Growmore wearing gloves. Store Growmore in a dry place. This product may irritate cut or broken skin. Do not exceed the recommended application rates.

    Read the directions carefully before use. Keep this product out of the reach of pets, children and food.

  • Pack Size: 5 kg
    Type: Granular
    Slow Release: No
    Application Rate: Various
    Pack Coverage: Various
    Longevity: 8 - 10 Weeks

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