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Vitax Ericaceous Feed

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Vitax Ericaceous Feed 1-ltr

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Vitax Ericaceous Feed is a concentrated feed specifically formulated to help with the growth of acid loving plants.

This product is ideal for using on azaleas, camellias, and rhododendrons. Ericaceous Feed is also a concentrated feed that has added iron and manganese, which encourages strong and healthy growth in all acid loving plants.

Vitax Ericaceous Feed Product Advantages:

  • Helps all acid loving plants to grow
  • When used, Ericaceous Feed boosts the leaf colour of the plant
  • Helps promote strong and healthy growth and flowering of the plant

    How To Use Vitax Ericaceous Feed:

    This product is easy to apply, simply dilute as instructed on the label and apply using a watering can or foliar spray.

    Apply Ericaceous Feed at weekly intervals during the spring and summer to soil that is moist.

    Application - 1 capful = 20ml.

    When using a watering can, make sure to apply to the base of the plant and thoroughly soak into the roots. Apply Ericaceous Feed every two weeks from March until September.

    Using a Watering Can to Apply:

    Mix 1 capful of Ericaceous Feed in 6 litres of water and apply to the base of the plant so that it thoroughly soaks into the roots. Apply Ericaceous Feed every two weeks from March until September.

    When applied as a foliar spray, it is best to apply in the evenings, but do not spray directly onto the flowers. It is best to also repeat this application on a weekly basis.

    Applying as a Foliar Spray:

    Mix 1 capful of Ericaceous Feed in 6 litres and spray on a dull day or in the evenings. Do not spray this product directly onto the flower. Repeat applications weekly.

    Shake bottle well before use and protect the bottle from cold temperatures and frost.

    Read instructions well before using and keep product out of reach of pets and children.

  • Pack Size: 1 Litre
    Type: Liquid
    Slow Release: No
    Application Rate: Various

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