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Vitax Conifer & Shrub Fertiliser

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Vitax Conifer & Shrub 2.5 kg (box)

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Vitax Conifer and Shrub Fertiliser is an extended release pelleted fertiliser.

This product contains vital plant foods and trace elements that are great for early establishment and vigorous growth. Conifer and Shrub Fertiliser is perfect for acid-loving shrubs and plants such as Azaleas and Rhododendrons.

Vitax Conifer and Shrub Fertiliser Product Advantages:

  • Is a easy to use pelleted product
  • Conifer and Shrub Fertiliser gives an extended nitrogen release
  • This product is used by commercial nurseries that produces trees and shrubs

    Conifer and Shrub Fertiliser has been formulated to help plants as they grow. This product should be added to soil when it is moist, or if the soil is dry, water in after applying the fertiliser.

    This product is very versatile and can be used for planting conifers and shrubs in permanent positions, standard ornamental planting, fruit trees and ericaceous plants.

    In springtime, Conifer and Shrub Fertiliser can also be used as a top dressing. To apply as a top dressing, sprinkle the fertiliser evenly under the branches of the tree or shrub and then lightly fork the fertiliser into the soil.

    How To Use Vitax Conifer and Shrub Fertiliser:

    One handful of Conifer and Shrub Fertiliser contains approximately 60g.

    To apply Conifer and Shrub Fertiliser, apply the fertiliser evenly to the soil at the application rates shown below, preferably when the soil is moist. Once applied, lightly hoe the fertiliser into the top surface of the soil. When conditions are dry, water in the fertiliser.

    Planting Conifers and Shrubs in Permanent Positions:

    For containers measuring 15-20cm or bare rooted stock, sprinkle 60g of Conifer and Shrub Fertiliser into the bottom of the planting hole and lightly fork it in. For containers larger than 20cm, apply 60g into the bottom of the planting hole, lightly fork in and then mix 60g into the fill-in soil.

    Standard Trees (Ornamental & Fruit):

    For each tree when planted, use 900g of Conifer and Shrub Fertiliser. Firstly, apply 350g to the soil at the bottom of the planting hole and fork in well. Then mix in the balance of the fertiliser with the fill-in soil and firm in the tree.

    Azaleas and Rhododendrons:

    Azaleas and Rhododendrons have very low nutrient requirements. Before planting, do not apply any fertiliser to the area, but we do advise that you mix a good quantity of peat into the fill-in soil. Ant top dressings of Conifer and Shrub Fertiliser should be very light. You will need no more than 30g applied evenly to the soil around each shrub in any one year.

    Top Dressing:

    Following planting in the spring, sprinkle 60g of Conifer and Shrub Fertiliser evenly under the branches of the tree or shrub. Then , lightly fork in the fertiliser. If the soil is not already moist, lightly water in the fertiliser. Conifers, trees and shrubs will benefit from a regular top dressing with Conifer and Shrub Fertiliser. In March, apply 60g of Conifer and Shrub Fertiliser to plants up to 60 cm (2 feet) tall. For plants 90-120cm (3-4 feet) tall, apply 120g and for standard size trees apply 180g. This application should be repeated at the end of June or early July. As the conifer, tree or shrub grows over time, its natural requirements will increase and the amount of Conifer & Shrub Fertiliser will need to be increased accordingly.

    Always read the instructions on the product label for exact application rates. Always wash hands after use as this product may irritate cut or broken skin. Keep this product out of reach from pets and children.

  • Pack Size: 2.5 kg
    Type: Pellets
    Slow Release: No
    Application Rate: Various

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