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Vitax Buxus Feed - 1kg

Vitax Buxus Feed 1 kg (pouch)

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Vitax Buxus Feed can be used for all varieties of Buxus, Box or Buxus Sempervirens.

Buxus Feed has been developed specifically for Buxus growers.

Buxus Feed can be used in pots or hedges.

Buxus Feed can be vulnerable to box blight, nutrient deficiency and bugs. Buxus Feed contains vital plant foods and trace elements that give good establishment and promote strong healthy growth for Buxus plants.

Vitax Buxus Feed Product Advantages:

  • Buxus Feed provides essential nutrients to green up the leaf colour
  • It provides an extended nitrogen release to sustain growth
  • Promotes dense and healthy growth

    Buxus Feed should be planted in the autumn or spring, and depending on where a Buxus is planted, the feed can be used to line the bottom of a trench before planting the Buxus or used as a top dressing when Buxus planting has been established.

    To get the best results from this product, apply during dry conditions. Buxus Feed can also be used as a top dressing for other tree, shrub and conifer species.

    Buxus Feed is not suitable for Ericaceous plants.

    One small handful of Buxus Feed contains approximately 30g.

    How To Use Vitax Buxus Feed:

    Planting Buxus in Permanent Positions:

    Vitax Buxus Feed is best planted in the spring and autumn. Cultivate the ground a good spade's depth to achieve the best results with this product. For individual 15 - 20cm containers or bare rooted stock, sprinkle 60g of Buxus Feed into the bottom of the planting hole and lightly fork the Buxus Feed in. Use the balance of the fertiliser with the fill-in soil and firm in the plant. For the planting of hedges, use 60 - 120g of Buxus Feed per linear metre of the planting trench. For larger containers that are greater than 20cm, apply 60g to the bottom of the planting hole and then fork it in. Lastly, mix 60g into the fill-in soil.

    Top Dressing:

    Buxus hedges can benefit from a regular top dressing when planted in a permanent position in the ground. Apply to the soil at the recommended rates below, ideally when the soil is moist. When top dressing containers, use Buxus Feed at the rate of one teaspoonful per 15 - 20cm of pot diameter. When possible, work the Buxus Feed into the surface of the soil.

    Following planting in the Spring, sprinkle 60g of Buxus Feed under the branches of the shrub. Repeat this application at the end of June or early July. To get the best results from Buxus Feed, apply the Buxus Feed during dry conditions. Then, lightly hoe into the soil and irrigate thoroughly.

    In March, apply 60g to plants that are up to 60cm in height. For plants at a height of 90 - 120cm in height, apply 120g and for standard trees use 180g of Buxus Feed. Do a repeat application of Buxus Feed at the end of June or early July.

    Store Buxus Feed in a dry place away from pets, children and food. Wash your hands after using as the product may irritate cut or broken skin. Do not exceed the application rates recommended. Any spillages need to brushed off paths and paving after application.

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