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Vitax Blood, Fish & Bone - Fertiliser 5 kg

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Vitax Blood, Fish & Bone 5 kg (tub)

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Vitax Blood, Fish & Bone is a traditional organic based general purpose fertiliser.

This product improves vegetable, fruit and flower quality. Vitax Blood, Fish and Bone contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium - the three major nutrients that are essential for strong and healthy growth.

Vitax Blood, Fish and Bone Product Advantages:

  • Contains nitrogen that encourages strong growth resulting in healthier plants
  • Steadily releases phosphate which promotes vigorous root growth
  • The added potash in this product promotes flower colour and improves ripening in fruit and vegetables

    This product should be applied throughout the growing season and can be used prior to sowing, planting or it can be used as a top dressing. Apply when soil is moist and water in, avoid using the product before rainfall.

    When applying, try to avoid the fertiliser sticking to leaves or stems and do not exceed the recommended application information on the product label.

    How To Use Vitax Blood, Fish and Bone:

    Apply from February until the end of the growing season in October.

    Evenly apply the product to soil at the rates recommended, preferably when the soil is moist. After applying, lightly hoe into the top surface of the soil and in dry conditions, water the product in.

    Vitax Blood, Fish and Bone, Prior To Sowing Or Planting:

    Apply at a rate of 140g per sq.m before planting, then lightly fork or rake the product into the soil.

    Applying Vitax Blood, Fish and Bone As A Top Dressing:

    Apply at a rate of 70g per sq.m around the plants and then fork the product in lightly. After 6-8 weeks, apply again at the same rate when the plants are actively growing.

    If no rain has fallen within 24 hours of applying, water in the product well.

    Some animals may well be attracted to the smell of Blood, Fish & Bone and will attempt to either eat the product or dig in the areas. To reduce the risk of this happening, mix the product into the soil well and water after applying.

    This product may irritate cut or broken skin, wear gloves and after using, wash hands thoroughly.

  • Pack Size: 5 kg
    Type: Powder
    Slow Release: No
    Application Rate: 70 - 140 sq.m
    Longevity: 6 - 8 Weeks

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