Vitax Acer Japanese Maple Feed
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Vitax Acer Japanese Maple Feed   (0.9 kg Pouch)

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Vitax Acer Japanese Maple Feed 900g (pouch)

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The Vitax Acer Japanese Maple Feed is made up of 3 major plant foods, nitrogen, phosphate and potash, all 3 of these with natural magnesium and trace elements to give natural and healthy leaf growth.

How To Use:

When planting out new Acer In pots & tubs

Add 30g per 6 litres of compost when planting up tubs and pots. In the garden: Dig a hole slightly larger than the root-ball of the Acer. Fork over the base of the pit and apply 30-60g to bottom of planting hole depending on the size of Acer. Mix a similar quantity with the soil backfill and after planting tread down well to firm in the plant.

As an annual feed for Acer

In pots : Acer feed can be mixed with compost when repotting or worked into the surface of existing pots as an annual top-dressing. Add 30g per 6 litres of compost when potting on Acer.

In the garden: Apply Acer Feed as a spring top-dressing at a rate of 120g/m2 beneath the spread of the branches. In dry weather water in.

  • 30cm (12 inch) Pot 10g (1/3 Handful)
  • 38cm (15inch) Pot 15g (1/2 Handful)
  • 50cm (20 inch) Pot 30g (1 Handful)
  • Added to compost when potting on 30g in 6 litres
  • Planted in garden 120g/m2

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