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Nippon Pest Smoke

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Nippon Pest Smoke 2 x 3.5-g

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Nippon Pest Smoke works to eradicate a wide range if insects, killing bedbugs, fleas, ants, and many more flying insects with each pack containing two smoke generators.

Nippon Pest Smoke Product Advantages:

  • Treats the infested area effectively within two hours
  • It is odourless and easy to use

    How To Use Nippon Pest Smoke:

    Nippon Pest Smoke canisters should be placed as low as possible to allow the smoke to rise. Simply remove the lid and place the can on a heat resistant surface. Then, light the fuse and leave the treated area.

    For the best results when using Nippon Pest Smoke, fumigate in the late afternoon and leave the house or building closed overnight and ensure all people and animals are removed. The area that is being fumigated needs to be made as smoke tight as possible to ensure that the smoke cannot escape the room.

    If the area has a severe infestation, fumigate the area three times at five to seven day intervals.

    This product should be used indoors, but should not be used in any animal houses or if you suspect bats are present as they're protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

    Nippon Pest Smoke is classed as an insecticide and instructions must be followed carefully. Keep product away from animals and children. Nippon Pest Smoke must be kept away from heat, hot surface sparks, any open flames and any other sources of ignition.

  • Pack Size: 2 x 3.5g
    Type: Smoke Generator

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