Vitax Compost Maker 2.5 kg
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Vitax Compost Maker   2.5 kg

Vitax Compost Maker 2.5 kg (box)

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Vitax Compost Maker is a great economical way to make rich and dark compost.

It is a compost accelerator that contains organic nutrients and helps speed up the breakdown of any organic garden or household material which would usually degrade slowly.

Vitax Compost Maker Product Advantages:

  • Can be used to recycle grass cuttings, weeds, leaves, vegetable matter, egg shells and shredded woody materials
  • Produces a rich, dark compost
  • It has been specially formulated to speed up the process of composting

    The effectiveness of Compost Maker will depend on the time of year and what materials are being composted. The acceleration of the decomposition process can take as little as six weeks during the summer but up to six months during winter with tough materials being added.

    Compost made with Vitax Compost Maker will form a crumbly material that will be ideal for use around the garden, it will also help raise the soil's organic content which ensures soil remains healthy.

    Vitax Compost Maker can be used on open compost heaps, compost bins and in plastic sacks.

    How To Use Vitax Compost Maker:

    Open Compost Heaps:

    To start, build a circular or rectangular heap about 1 metre wide. Add a 15cm layer of garden waste to be composted (grass cuttings, weeds, soft hedge trimmings etc), then, sprinkle on 60 g (approximately 2 oz) of Vitax Compost Maker. Continue to build up the heap adding further Compost Maker every 15cm of garden waste that is added. Open heaps will compost successfully, but it will work best if it is covered by a polythene sheet.

    Used in Compost Bins and Plastic Sacks:

    Firstly, fill the compost bin or plastic sack with garden waste that is to be composted. Mix in 120g (4 oz) of Vitax Compost Maker whilst filling the bin or plastic sack.

    NOTE: 60g (about 2 oz) of Vitax Compost Maker is approximately equal to one handful.

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