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Perrot Rollcart - Self Travelling Sprinkler

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The Rollcart / Tracker travelling sprinkler moves and irrigates independently. Used mainly for large sized green areas, sport fields, nurseries and gardens. The machine starts moving as soon as the water supply is turned on and is slowly drawn along the surface, along the previously laid out steel cable.

At the end of the designated area the sprinkler automatically stops waterflow and irrigation. The water supply hose with a diameter of 1“ and a length of minimum 60 m is drawn behind the cart (The hose is not included with the machine).

It is also ideal for irrigating athletic fields, cemeteries, and estates where an underground system is impractical.

Requires minimum of 6 BAR water pressure at hose.

Technical Data:

  • Travelling speed: 10 to 20 m/h
  • Operating pressure: min 3,5 bar at unit
  • Water consumption: 3,0 m³/h
  • Width of irrigation: 28 to 36 m
  • Length of irrigation: 120 m

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Direct Delivery
£1,800.00 inc VAT £1,500.00 ex VAT

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