ICL Fertiliser

ICL Fertiliser

Your choice of granular fertiliser should be decided based just as much on the condition of your turf as on the time of the season. We provide a wide selection of granular fertilisers from ICL for multiple purposes.

The Sportsmaster Fertiliser range, for example, is both versatile and effective. It is perhaps the safest, most reliable and economical choice in stock. But for more heavy duty requirements, the Renovator Pro Fertiliser range is a weed killer and moss killer, as well as a soil and plant feed.

The Sierraform GT line is better suited for fine turf areas, with Sierraform GT All Season being particularly good for restoring colour to damaged turf while providing a slow nutrient release. The Greenmaster Pro-Lite product range is also suited to fine turf. Aside from Pro-Lite, we additionally stock a selection of Greenmaster fertilisers, including the Greenmaster Coldstart – which will stimulate your turf in colder months – while the Greenmaster Invigorator is designed to harden turf and overcome mechanical damage all year round.

Directions for Use

  • Apply granular fertliser to dry foliage and irrigate after 1 - 2 days if no rain has fallen.
  • Irrigation will aid dispersion and minimise and risk of mower pick-up on close mown surfaces.
  • Avoid application of granular fertiliser during frosty or drought conditions.
  • Watering in after application will minimise foot-printing risk.
  • If spilt on paving slabs, concrete, clothes etc. brush off immediately, as product may cause discolouration.
  • Delay verti-cutting and/or grooming for 3 days after application to allow the granules to disperse.


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