Collier Sports are suppliers of Harrod UK who supply Rugby posts to Twickenham, the Millennium Stadium, Wembley Stadium, Croke Park and a host of League clubs. They are also suppliers of Rugby posts and post protectors to the Manchester Commonwealth Games.

We supply a wide range of Rugby posts to ensure you can find something that’ll suit all your needs.

The types of rugby goals we supply:

Aluminium Posts - These tend to be lighter. Aluminium is generally immune to rust meaning that the general care of the goals can be kept to a minimum.

Steel Posts - Steel posts are very tough and resilient. Due to this they are less likely to be damaged also. However they have to be taken care of to ensure rust and corrosion is avoided especially when the weather worsens.

Socketed - These posts are put firmly into the ground and do not collapse. These are mainly used in rugby specific sports field and clubs.

Hinged - These posts are held in place by heavy duty hinges and can be collapsed using a hinged post roller. These are mainly used in areas when space may be an issue or the space may need to be used for something else at some point in the near future.

Combination Goals - These bring together rugby and football goals, this helps save time, space, money and time in general. They’re easily set up and can be ready to use in a short period of time. These are ideal if you don’t have much space to spare as the rugby and football goals are built into each other.

Line Marking

To download a line marking guide for Rugby League pitches, click here

To download a line marking guide for Rugby Union pitches, click here


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