ICL Launches Organo-mineral Fertiliser Range

ICL has announced the launch of Gronamic - a new range of organo-mineral fertilizers.

The Gronamic range comprises various analyses and particle sizes to suit the demands of all types of fine and coarse turf. The range combines the benefits of mineral and organic sources of nutrient to provide consistent and long-lasting growth responses.

The granulation process produces consistent, uniform and dust-free products. This range allows you to incorporate all the benefits of organic sources of nutrition into your fertilizer programme without compromising on quality or reliability.

Ed Carter, Sales Manager for the ICL UK turf team is delighted with this new addition to the ICL fertilizer portfolio: “The introduction of the Gronamic range is a really positive step for ICL,” he says. “We are world leaders in the production of mineral and controlled release fertilizers and adding organic technologies into our portfolio really broadens our reach.

“We know that our customers utilise organic nutrient sources within their management programmes and the Gronamic range now allows them to do this with ICL branded material.”

The Gronamic fertilizers utilise organic and mineral nutrient sources to provide a phased consistent release that creates consistent growth responses. The consistent granulation facilitates even spreading and ensures reliable performance. Gronamic Brochure

There are four products in the Gronamic range:

  • Gronamic Golf - “High N” 16-3-6 +2MgO +2CaO +0.5Fe
  • Gronamic Golf - “High K” 5-0-22 + 2MgO +1.5CaO +0.5Fe
  • Gronamic Sport - “High N” 16-3-6 +2MgO +2CaO +0.5Fe
  • Gronamic Allround - 10-4-5 +2MgO +0.5 Fe

    All of the products have a low C:N ratio to ensure optimal nutrient availability (as C:N ratio increases plant nutrient availability in short term reduces).

    The Gronamic range is also part of Turf Rewards – purchasing 25 x 25kg will earn 5 points.

    For more information or to place an order, contact:

    Sales Office: 01328 700600 | Craig: 07739647766 | Aaron: 07801138667 | Email: sales@collier-turf-care.co.uk

    ICL Press Release May 2020

    Download/view the Gronamic Brochure

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