Accu Green Dropspreader

Product Description

The Classic Drop Spreader is ideal for distributing grass seed or (uncoated) fertiliser over large lawns. This spreader has a plastic hopper that can hold enough fertiliser (32 kilos) for up to 950m2. It equally distributes the grass seed or (uncoated) fertiliser over a 55cm area; maximum coverage with less refilling.

Its heavy-duty frame allows for great stability and its U-shaped, gripped handle make for easy steering. This product comes fully assembled and ready to use.

Product Advantages:

  • Maximum coverage, less refilling
  • Equal distribution
  • Heavy-duty frame, plastic hopper
  • Fully assembled, ready to use

Do not use with coated fertilizers


£127.09 ex. VAT
£152.51 inc. VAT
RRP £135.57 ex. VAT



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