Rite Pave

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Any area of ground subject to pedestrian, animal or vehicular traffic is subject to erosion, prevention of which requires some sort of surface reinforcement. Traditionally, this has been done using Concrete, Tarmac or Block Paving. If a reinforcement system of some description is omitted, rutted, boggy, slippery and unsightly conditions occur which can be dangerous for all means of traffic.

Traditional solutions are not environmentally friendly and contribute to the growing problem of urban hot spots which cause concern to the ozone layer and carry the necessity for the implementation of extra drainage systems.

These problems apply not just to traffic areas but parking areas, temporary access routes and roof tops, all of which are contributing to rising temperatures and increasing flood risk zones. The solution to all these problems is to use a porous surface which will retain water and for gradual release to the drainage systems and will also absorb heat much more and reduce the hot spots now seen so damaging to our environment.

Another benefit of using porous surfaces is that they can greatly enhance the appearance of any area and more and more frequently they are seeded with grass.

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