Sportsmaster WSF Iron 19.5% Fe

Product Description

High performance ultra soluble fertiliser for cost effective treatments of large turf areas

The WSF Range of soluble fertilisers contains TMax to enhance nutrient uptake. The foliar and root uptake gives a rapid response that is then sustained for a number of weeks. The range of analyses is designed for use throughout the year. The WSF range provides excellent value when treating large areas, especially golf fairways. It is compatible within the ICL range and tank mixes with Primo Maxx.

Product Advantages:

  • Cost effective fertiliser treatment for large areas of turf
  • TMax enhances nutrient uptake
  • Low scorch risk

    To see what ICL products can be tank mixed, view this 'Tank Mix Table' in Technical Support.

  • Specifications
    Pack Size: 15 kg
    Type: Water Soluble
    Slow Release: No
    Pack Coverage: 7,500 - 15,000 sq.m
    Longevity: 2 -4 Weeks
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    £43.14 ex. VAT
    £51.77 inc. VAT
    RRP £57.51 ex. VAT



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