SwardPhite 4:25:9

Product Description

SwardPhite is an innovative fertiliser based on potassium phosphite (PO₃) which has smaller, more reactive molecules than conventional phosphate (PO₄). SwardPhite promotes healthy turf growth by stimulating meristem cell activity in roots and crowns and by aiding the turf’s natural defence systems.

  • Readily available and easily absorbed by turf
  • Fully mobile in turf grass plants, travelling from roots to leaves and vice versa
  • Rapidly available where it is needed most
  • Avoids phosphate ‘lock-up’, especially during summer stress induced phosphate deficiency
  • Foliar applied, SwardPhite remains systemically mobile in the turf, providing readily available phosphorus for energy transfer processes in plant cells
  • SwardPhite will also aid the turf’s uptake of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese under difficult conditions
Pack Size: 10 ltr
Type: Liquid
Application Rate: 4 ltr/ha.
Pack Coverage: 25,000 sq.m

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