Vitax Q4 Top

Product Description

A slow release fertiliser designed for top dressing container grown trees and shrubs

Supplied in mini-granular formulation for easy application and good spread, Q4 Top is suitable for use on all species of container grown nursery stock. It will feed for up to three months and provides all the major and minor nutrients needed for steady, healthy growth without promoting excessive soft growth.

The organic content in this fertiliser also promotes the growth of beneficial organisms in growing media and improves root health.

Application Guide

Sensitive species (especially ericaceous plants) 0.5-1.0g / 1 litre of media
Normal species 1.0-1.5 g / 1 litre of media
Vigorous species 1.5-2.5g / 1 litre of media

Sensitive species (especially ericaceous plants) 30 – 50g/m2
Normal species 50 – 75g/m2
Vigorous species 75 – 150g/m2


Pack Size: 20 kg

Application Rate: Various

Pack Coverage: Various

£40.00 ex. VAT
£48.00 inc. VAT
RRP £48.13 ex. VAT



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