Vitax Q4

Product Description

The UK's premier extended release, general purpose fertiliser

Originally developed for use as a base fertiliser in John Innes composts, and still approved for use in JI formulations, Q4 has proved an extremely versatile granular fertiliser suitable for use on a wide variety of crops. Q4 provides all the nutrients and trace elements essential for vigorous growth, abundant flowering and ripening of fruit.

In addition to being an ideal top dressing for salad crops and ornamentals, Q4 is the perfect base fertiliser for use in both loam-based and soil-less composts.

Application Guide

Salad crops (eg peppers, aubergines) 140g/m2 (56 bags/ha)
Bedding plants 3kg/m
Flowering and foliage pot plants 3 - 6kg/m3
Perennials 3 - 6kg/m3
Roses 140g/m2 (56 bags/ha) (after heading back)
Hanging baskets 3 – 6kg/m3
Base dressing for composts Seed sowing – 0.5kg/m3

Pricking out – 3kg/m3

Potting – 6kg/m3
Pack Size: 25 kg
Slow Release: No
Application Rate: Various
Pack Coverage: Various


£40.00 ex. VAT
£48.00 inc. VAT
RRP £45.00 ex. VAT



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