Sportsmaster Cleanrun Pro 14:0:5

Product Description

MAPP No. 15828

LERAP: Category n/a

Contains: Herbicides

Sportsmaster Cleanrun Pro contains a selective herbicide for routine and heavy weed control.

The label is approved for effective control of many weed species.

Product Advantages:

  • Ideal during spring and summer when broad leaved weeds are present and need controlling in one application
  • Contains selective herbicide for routine and heavy weed control
  • Approved label for effective control of many weed species (see Product Information sheet for weed species)

Product performance and longevity depends on both environmental factors and application rate

Product Application - Fertilisers must be irrigated in within 1 - 2 days subject to environmental conditions. Do not apply to stressed turf (drought or frozen)
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Pack Size: 25 kg
Type: Minigran.
Slow Release: No
Application Rate: 35 g/sq. m
Pack Coverage: 714 sq.m

Nutrient levels applied kg/ha.

35 g sq.m

49 0 17.5

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