Lawn Clear RTU - Weed Killer

Product Description

MAPP No. 15195

Contains: Clopyralid, 2.4D and MCPA

Vitax Lawn Clear is a powerful selective weed killer for lawns that uses the latest chemistry to control weeds. It will not damage your lawn.

It is available in a pre-mixed, ready-to-use trigger spray.

Vitax Lawn Clear provides the answer to those tough weeds that many other selective weed killers leave behind, including broad-leaved (greater) plantain, ribwort plantain, creeping buttercup, white clover, dandelion and daisy.

Use once or twice during the April – September growing season. Grass should not be cut five days before or for three days after treatment to ensure full uptake by the weeds.

Product Advantages

  • Fast acting, powerful selective weed killer for lawns
  • Controls buttercup, clover, dandelion and daisy
  • Kills the weeds, not the grass.

Use plant protection safely. Always read the label and product information before use

Pack Size: 12 x 750 ml
Type: Liquid
Pack Coverage: Various
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£45.88 ex. VAT
£55.06 inc. VAT
RRP £53.98 ex. VAT



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