Praxys - Weed Killer

Product Description

MAPP No. 13912

LERAP: Category n/a

Contains: 144 g/ltr Fluroxypyr-meptyl, 80 g/ltr Clopyralid, 2.5 g/ltr Florasulam

Praxys is a unique turf herbicide that gives turf managers and lawn care operators control over difficult weeds while using very low dose rates.

Praxys is the most powerful post-emergent herbicide available on the market. It combines 3 active ingredients (Florasulam, Fluroxpyr, Clopyralid) which have two different ways of eliminating a wide range of difficult weeds.

When turf managers and lawn care operators need a unique turf herbicide to control troublesome weeds using a low dose rate, Praxys delivers the answer.

Product advantages

  • Complete eradication down to the root, no re-growth
  • Rapid entry and rainfast within 1 hour
  • Low dosage rate which lowers overall costs
  • Flexible application rates
  • High selectivity to existing and young turf types
  • Has no LERAP restrictions

To see what ICL products can be tank mixed, view this 'Tank Mix Table' in Technical Support.

Pack Size: 2 ltr
Type: Liquid
Pack Coverage: 10,000 sq.m
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Safe Use of Pesticides

Safe Use of Pesticides

By law, everyone who uses pesticides professionally must have received adequate training in using pesticides safely and be skilled in the job they are carrying out. Please ring 01328 700600 to speak to a Basis qualified member of our team for safe advice on training and qualifications for the safe use of pesticides.

The purchaser and/or end users are responsible for ensuring that these products are used in line with industry Approved Codes of Practice. All operators must be trained and certificated in using and applying any Ministry Approved professional product.

Please be aware that by proceeding you are purchasing a professional pesticide product. You must ensure the end user of these products complies with the DEFRA/HSE Code for the Safe use of Pesticides:

Once you have placed an order on our web-site for a professional pesticide we will contact you by return (usually via e-mail) for confirmation that you comply with the safe use of pesticide legislation.

Please note the product will not be despatched until we have confirmation that you comply with the safe use of pesticide legislation

Use plant protection safely. Always read the label and product information before use

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