Red Thread

Red Thread


  • Red Thread is a fungal disease that occurs mostly on turf where there is a low soil nitrogen level.
  • However, there are cases of nutrient independent Red Thread attacks.
  • Light brown spots can be seen on turf, which have a reddish appearance.
  • Red mycelial growth extends out from lesions in leaf.
  • Compacted soils or conditions where poor rooting is likely can increase disease occurrence.

Cultural Control

  • Red thread is an indicator of low nutrition, especially nitrogen.
  • The first approach should be to prevent this situation arising by applying adequate nitrogen fertilizer as part of a programmed approach.
  • Apply the correct fertilizer according to turf situation and height of cut.
  • Aerate soil to encourage good root growth.
  • Select resistance grass cultivars.

Chemical Control

  • The only approved chemical control is Oath however; it is seldom required as a boost of Nitrogen normally enough.
  • Always add Prestige Super Recovery to each fungicide application.
  • Use fungicides as part of an IPM programme and be aware of causing resistance to one chemical group by its regular use.

Use plant protection safely. Always read the label and product information before use


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