Microdochium Patch

(formerly known as Fusarium Patch)

microdochium Patch


  • Microdochium Patch is a fungal disease that appears as roughly circular patches from 10mm up to 300mm in diameter.
  • Leaves become water soaked, turn reddish-brown and then bleach.
  • Pink or white mycelia may be visible in early morning.
  • Develops under various conditions: wet, humid, cool (0-15 degrees Celsius); high nitrogen (N) fertility in autumn and excessive thatch.

Cultural Control

  • Do not apply excessive amounts of nitrogen during high-risk periods when the grass is susceptible to disease attack.
  • Ensure sufficient nitrogen so as to avoid plant stress.
  • In autumn use fertilizers with a high K to low N ratio.
  • Spoon feeding nitrogen (either through liquids or slow release fertilizers) will avoid soft growth.
  • Control excessive thatch through programmed approach.
  • Use a penetrative wetting agent in the autumn to reduce surface moisture.
  • Increase aeration.
  • Increase airflow.
  • Increase light.
  • Use acidifying fertilizers based on ammonium sulphate.

Chemical Control

  • Apply a preventative fungicide such as Heritage Maxx (Azoxystrobin) when risk is high (e.g. prior to carrying out thatch removal) and temperatures are above 10 degrees.
  • Apply a preventative fungicide such as Medallion TL (Fludioxonil) if temperatures are below 6 degrees.
  • Apply Clayton Bestow (Tebuconazole, Trifloxystrobin). Banner Maxx II and Instrata can still be used until 19th March 2020.
  • Always add Prestige Super Recovery to each fungicide application.
  • Use fungicides as part of an IPM programme and be aware of causing resistance to one chemical group by its regular use.

Use plant protection safely. Always read the label and product information before use


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